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Father And Son Bonding Via Zip Line Just Above Alligator Pool

Father And Son Got Stuck In A Zip Line in Gatorland Theme Park In Orlando Just Above Alligator Pool.

The trip of the father and son was supposed to be a dad and son bonding in Gatorland theme park in Orlando, but it turned out to be a nightmare when the two got stuck in a zip line just above an alligator pool.

WESH anchor Stewart Moore caught the whole incident on camera as he can be heard saying, “You really think you’re having a bad day? Lemme show you what a real bad day looks like.”

In the said video below, man and child were seen dangling 40 feet above an alligator pool, on a zip line. The theme park attendants were able to pull them back safely after a 10 minute hang over alligator pool.

Nick Cahippina, manager of zip line ride in Gatorland Theme Park In Orlando, said during an interview that “the father and child were not in danger as this happens “quite often” and employees have been trained for these situations.” He also said that the father and son were stranded for about 10 minutes longer than most riders because of their weight.

Gatorland Theme Park In Orlando finally issued a public statement after the frightening incident, “On Saturday, July 7th, the zip line experience at Gatorland stopped midway with a father and child aboard during one of the scheduled rides. This was due to the gravity breaking system that stopped the two riders just short of the landing tower. This happens from time to time based on the weight of the riders and the direction of the wind. At no time was anyone in danger. Our zip line staff is highly trained to handle a variety of possible situations. A zip line staffer on the receiving tower immediately hooked himself on the line and retrieved the two people by pulling them to the landing area,”

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Watch This Incredible Bonding Moments Between A Father And Son Hanging Around 40 Feet Above Alligator Pool


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