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Fatal Stroke Avoided By Father, 3-Year Old Saved Him By Facetiming Mother

Advantages of toddlers who learned to use technology at a very young age.

Molly McCabe, 3, was alone with her father during the 4th of July, when he was hit by a stroke and her mother was gone at work, but the toddler was able to make a call to her mother that saved her father’s life.

Devon McCabe saw a missed Facetime call from her husband’s phone and a minute later she received another call from her daughter Molly, who sounded shattered.

“She was sobbing, crying, [saying], ‘Look at daddy, look at daddy,’ ” Devon said. Molly then turned the phone toward her dad who was lying on the floor.

Devon called for her neighbor to check on her husband, Trevor, who was then quickly fetched to the Inova Fairfax Hospital where Devon works, as a result of the 911 Emergency Call of Devon.

Doctors found out that Trevor had a basilar artery occlusion which caused a clot to travel up to his brain, this was at the time when Trevor was an infant having already a hole in his heart. This malignant condition often results in death or long-term disability for those who are distressed by it.

Without Molly’s help, Trevor would have died, now Trevor is slowly recovering with the help of rehabilitation, it all started on that 4th of July with Molly where Trevor heard a “buzzing” sound in his head while washing the dishes, thinking it was the sink, but the sound was coming from his head. Trevor was about to call for help but paralysis took over, little did he know that he’s with a little superhero girl named Molly, who has learned to use technology at a very young age.

The family has set up a GoFundme page to raise money to pay for Trevor’s hospital care.

Molly with Her Dad and Mom

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