5-Foot-Long Milk Snake Bit A 9-Month Old

James And Milk Snake At Kitchen With Mother

Jenna Lees-Rolfe, mother of James, 9, was bitten by a non-venomous milk snake in the kitchen when mother Jenna was preparing breakfast banging pots and pans, the milk snake feared for dear life and struck, one Saturday morning, in Medford, Massachusetts.

Jenna has been trained to handle snake bites at an early age, but was very grateful that she did not need to put those skills into practice even until now.

Jenna found a 5-foot-long milk snake slithering out from their refrigerator, heading towards little James, sinking its teeth on James’ shin. At that moment, Jenna, was terrified and still had no clue at that time, if the snake was venomous. Jenna screamed, with the help of her husband armed with a bucket and broom, they managed to place the snake into a container to take to animal control.

All the while Jenna and husband were hoping and praying that the snake’s bite was not venomous, which happened to be that milk snakes are not venomous.

According to animal control, the milk snake was able to enter the family’s premises through the garage and made it’s grand entrance to the kitchen through the pipes, they also thought that the snake got spooked upon hearing of the banging of pots and pans in the kitchen, and struck out of fear.

James At The Kitchen and 5-Foot-Long Snake Slithering Toward Him

Watch This Video Of James And The Milk Snake

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